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  • Latest trance releases..

    Here’s my latest 3 trance tunes  released  in Feb, March, and April 2014…! The current one is called “For You” with Stoneface and Terminal.  Enjoy the vids..! xx =)  

  • Hidden Treasures- new album download

    Hey Lovelys..!!!   Welcome to my new website.. freshened up for 2014 and beyond!! Its gonna be a great year =) Anyways…  the big news is I am releasing today a NEW 12-track ALBUM for your listening pleasure..called  “HIDDEN TREASURES”. Its a cherished collection of previously unreleased tracks from various stages of my career and […]

  • Shazam..!

    Hey just a quick note for those of you that have messaged me about various tracks of mine you have mysteriously heard in various stores and coffee shops around the world..!  (and shazamed them to find out about them!) Love to hear about what tracks you’ve heard and where- so keep updating me!  =)   […]

  • Ellie Lawson: New acoustic based track and free single

    Here’s a brand new Free Single for ya! An acoustic based track! xx