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  • new trance release- “closer”

    Closer- Michael Badal & Ellie Lawson. Latest single by Ellie. On Michael Badals new Album ‘Now That We’re Human’ on Black Hole recordings. Suported by Armin Van Buuren. Closer EP link on iTunes:… out on 16th Feb 2015. …stay tuned for next release- another new song in May 2015.

  • Ellie Lawson Music Industry mentoring and Life Coaching

    Don’t forget to visit our sister site-  Music Industry mentoring and Life Coaching via skype and phone…                                       Be mentored by Ellie Lawson on any aspect of the music industry and gain valuable insights, advice, contacts and […]

  • Latest trance releases..

    Here’s my latest 3 trance tunes  released  in Feb, March, and April 2014…! The current one is called “For You” with Stoneface and Terminal.  Enjoy the vids..! xx =)  

  • Hidden Treasures- new album download

    Hey Lovelys..!!!   Welcome to my new website.. freshened up for 2014 and beyond!! Its gonna be a great year =) Anyways…  the big news is I am releasing today a NEW 12-track ALBUM for your listening pleasure..called  “HIDDEN TREASURES”. Its a cherished collection of previously unreleased tracks from various stages of my career and […]


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